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Mecklenburg County District 5

Safe Streets

One of the fundamental responsibilities of local government is to secure a safe community for all. Many look at the rising homicide rate the last two years, and are feeling less safe than they were two years ago.

CMPD is short over 150 police officers, and has recently come under scrutiny for their policing methods. Officers are leaving the police force, here and across the country, because of a sense of a lack of support from the community and elected officials. The Sheriff has recently come under fire for breaking up the Jail Support camp in uptown, after receiving reports of organizers heckling passersby and defecating in public.

People rightfully want to know, “what’s going on?”

As your Commissioner, I will pledge to support our law enforcement personnel. I 100% support the right to demonstrate in public—that is a fundamental right enshrined in our Constitution. But that right does not allow for the destruction of public property, inhibiting the movement of people, or acts of vandalism.

Our law enforcement personnel need our support and funding in order to keep our streets safe and to combat violent crime.


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