Matthew Ridenhour For County Commissioner 2016


Honor, courage and commitment. These are the three core values of the United States Marine Corps. But I don’t believe that they are just good values for Marines. I think they are good, everyday values for all of us. Imagine if we all displayed a little more honor, courage and commitment on a daily basis. Here’s how these three core values will guide me as a representative for District 5:

Honor: I will hold the office with honor and integrity. I will vote honestly, with my constituents’ best interests in mind. I will bring transparency to government, and be accountable for every decision, and every vote. Hold my feet to the fire!

Courage: I will have the courage to make the tough decisions, and to stand for what is right. I will be a pragmatic leader, striving to do more with less, and to push the government to become ore efficient in all areas.

Commitment: I will always remain committed to my constituents. I will remember that the District 5 seat is the people’s seat, and that I am merely holding the seat on a temporary basis. My votes will be for the constituents of District 5, and not to advance my own standing, position, or gain. Those are my core values by which I will serve on County Commission for District 5. I believe that those are core values which reflect the values of our community, and I will seek every day to faithfully serve the citizens of our community.